Zombies on Canvas

Our garment business strives to bring ideasand innovations to the public. Not the common designs which are doing rounds in the market. But new art, graphics, inventive patterns and color combinations. If you are looking to make a statement this is the place to shop.

They deal with shoes and garments with the best of designs.The latest design ofshoes is inspired by The Walking Dead’.

A very popular tv series, watched by the youth of today. It is a series inspired by zombies. A converse shoe in walking dead styleis designed to remind you of the series. 


The Series

For those who do not know about the series, it is the most-watched television series. It is about the post-apocalypticera which is ruled by zombies. Zombies are dead bodies walking around for human blood and in the process turn them into zombies.

Zombies are supposed to be like the old vampire character where they used to drink blood and turn the victims into vampires. Zombies are the current trending horror characters.

The walking dead is about a police character who is looking for a safe home and trying to escape from the zombies. The series which have won the Golden Globe awards Converse shoes in walking dead style .

A series which was aired in October 2110. The success of this drama is evident from the fact that since then 8 successful seasons have been aired. It was the design of every tat too artist in America.

And Young girls and boys waited for each and every new episode to telecast. Zombies soon became acraze andmany started to question whether they even existed. Many a research was initiated to check the existence and the history of these zombies.

Some even came with the theory of these characters could be inspired by rabies infected people who show similar characteristic features and are supposed to be quite infectious too. Such is the popularity of these series. Many online games too were released on fighting zombies.

There are many stories and creatures invented in the world of media but only a few of them are good enough to make people believe it exists. That is what makes it so famous like the zombies. Slowly the movies took up similar topics to come up with kind of antidote to treat zombies. This is the impact this series made in the world.


Shoes made of the canvasa strong fabric which is treated to make it more usable.

A very comfortable fabric which helps the feet breathe and very comfortable.It looks better than suede or leather and is certainly more durable. It Is one pair of casual shoes which is a must in every wardrobe both men and women.


How to get one?

Shopping online is the most convenient option available today. Nothing better than sittingin your comfortablebed and ordering what you want online. Days of dressing up, traveling to a near by store and looking for the perfect garment or shoe is now quite tedious as compared to shopping online.

A few clicks and scroll to get to the best brand best price and of course the best design. Before you flip through the latest fashion magazine a message pops on your screen to show you that the latest design that has arrived. And voila it's available and you can buy it.


Even better part is when you can try it and even exchange right at the convenience of your home. Seriously how better can it get?Well, with every passing day this service gets better with the latest edition of new technology. Every shop entices you with their new online offers on sale online.

This is the new area of business where more and more start ups are entering. Not just local brands but you can shop from all the brands of the world.

The best of garments, accessories, shoe jewelry and many many more items. This is also becoming a lot difficult to choose from as there are so many choices.

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